Quick Tutorial On How and Why You Should Apply for SBA EIDL Grants


In these dynamic times, businesses, non-profits, and individuals are all navigating the challenges of Covid-19, especially when it comes to sales, customer retention, funding, and job opportunities — things that immensely impact our bottom-line.

Fortunately, the SBA is offering a $15K grant for businesses and organizations located in low-income areas, to include sole proprietors, independent contractors, and non-profits. To demystify some of the requirements for applying, I created a brief video which I hope you find helpful.

I truly hope that all of us who are eligible, apply for this resource as well as tell a colleague, family member, neighbor, or friend.

Wishing everyone great health and great success on your endeavors.

Thank you.

-Wesley Alexander-

CEO, CoBiz Richmond, Inc.


Let’s Build!

Guest Blogger: Gwendolyn Mitchell, CEO of Moyo Institute

If you are African American living in this country, no one needs to tell you that you experience chronic stress. The stress of unequal and inequitable treatment by law enforcement, lack of access to resources and discriminatory practices by financial institutions, under-resourced communities, differential treatment by employers (if you are fortunate enough to get a job) is a constant threat the ability to survive and thrive. Historically, African Americans have been the last hired, were scapegoats in organizations, and generally the first fired.

The continuous very public incidents of the wanton murder…

Since June 2020, CoBiz Richmond has served essential businesses and essential professionals while taking the appropriate precautions to ensure a healthy, safe working environment for members, visitors, and employees. We are confident in our Covid-19 protocols which include:

  1. Masks for all parties who enter the space,
  2. Routine disinfectant of the building multiple times a day by the staff,
  3. Disinfectant and sanitizer stations located throughout the space,
  4. Each person that enters the space is required to disinfect their work area after use,
  5. For people to stay at home if they are not feeling well.

Additionally, our high ceilings and open vents…

Who would have thought that working from home could create fatigue, anxiety, stress, confinement, depression, frustration, and ultimately, exasperation. If you were one of the many professionals who were forced or required to work from home due to Covid-19, you are not alone. For those who are married or have children at home, Work From Home (WFH) Fatigue is a real thing.

Fortunately, things are opening up again, at least here in California, thus, prompting some businesses to welcome their employees back to the office. While that is great, I truly feel for the commuters who now move from WFH…

I believe we must partner with each other, hold each other accountable, and organically expand each other’s reach.

Happy to highlight a new partnership for CoBiz Richmond, Inc. with Cristina Trujillo, Founder and CEO of REEM Media, LLC — a full-service women-owned, diverse MediaTech Agency here in the East Bay.

At a time where branding, marketing, authenticity, and quality of content are equally important to big and small enterprises alike, it is important to have an ally like Cristina Trujillo who understands the moving parts as well as the subtle art/science involved in each unique project.

CoBiz, as a co-working space and as a business incubator, represents people moving in purpose. Our mission is to use entrepreneurship as a vehicle to drive self-sufficiency and community wealth to improve quality of life outcomes for individuals and communities here in Richmond and West Contra Costa County.

Our values are people first, wellness, tenacity, accountability, collaboration, and innovation. By providing a safe space for people to work and collaborate, we expect our members to grow as a whole-person, to sharpen their vision, to expand their network, to improve their acumen, to evolve as professionals, and to ultimately achieve great…

#StopAllHate #StopAsianHate #Hypocrisy

As a country, our human capital is our most valuable asset and it must be protected at all cost.

Hatred and white supremacy are the top threats to 1) the viability of the country — socially and economically, — and 2) the national defense of the country at all levels. Our citizens of diverse backgrounds touch every fabric of our country. They teach in our schools, serve at the highest level in our military, grow our food, secure our borders, run our cities, entertain us, contribute to innovation, operate hospitals, care for our elders, and manage our…

2020 had no chill; no mercy on us individually and collectively. It seemed to play a game of one-up-manship all year long (whatever you can do, I can do better but in a “hold-up, that ain’t right kind-of-way”) and challenged us in every way possible.

To me, the hardest part was witnessing our loved ones fighting isolation, loss of life, stress, Covid, job concerns, cabin fever, disappointment, frustration, relationship challenges, and much more.

Simply, 2020 HuMbLeD us all and forced us to rediscover solidarity as human beings.

Ironically, solidarity sounds great and all but it is an uncomfortable process requiring…

Challenges present Opportunities

CEO of CoBiz Richmond — Wesley Alexander

We are all aware of the problems — inequities, racism, educational genocide, food insecurity, capital restraints, environmental concerns, housing challenges, depression, strained relationships, substance abuse, and on and on.

Yet we forget that challenges and struggle present opportunities — hell, they even give some of us purpose or what some will describe as a calling. As the old African proverb states, “no condition is permanent” but it does require a force to change the previous condition.

Question 1: Will you be that force?

Here in Richmond, there are many people moving in purpose who are working diligently and strategically to…

CoBiz Richmond

A 9,000 square foot ecosystem for professionals of all walks of life to network, collaborate, innovate, and build in a modern, beautiful space.

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