Closer to Home: A Case for Co-Working

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3 min readJul 5, 2022


The workforce took a deep sigh of relief when major corporations adopted the work from home model during the pandemic.

Productivity skyrocketed.

Employee morale increased.

We started to the beginnings of true work-life balance. Then a few things happened that we didn’t expect.

  1. Corporate demanded us back.
  2. We didn’t want to go back.
  3. …and for a lot of us, we didn’t want to be at home either.

In 2021, we started seeing discussions surrounding Work From Home (WFH) Fatigue. “Work from home fatigue is a condition where virtual employees feel unmotivated, disconnected, and dissatisfied with the working environment.” (Team Building).

In addition, employees were reporting that they were feeling overwhelmed, distracted, and lonely. In the words our CEO, “Working From Home (WFH) seems great but let’s be honest, adults are social beings. We need and feed off connection, community, and energy — things we do not always receive when WFH.”

And although returning to the office could solve some of these problems, the rising costs of returning to work (gas, toll, commuter hours, etc.) is not a motivator for most.

The solution.

Our digital campaign “Close to Home” highlights why #coworking space like CoBiz Richmond are the solution to today’s WFH challenges. We believe that “Co-working spaces are the perfect serum to the isolation, stagnancy, interruptions, and lack of productivity, that befall many of the WFH participants.”

What is the purpose of co-working space?

Co-working spaces are designed to provide a productive and collaborative environment for their dynamic inhabitants, and created without corporate constraints on what is perceived to be an “office” environment offering flexible memberships to suit most needs. (

Why co-working?

Co-working is beyond going into a static building and sitting in an ergonomic desk. It is about collaboration, community, and cooperation. Diverse spaces like CoBiz house entrepreneurs, artists, artisans, social change advocates, thought leaders, yogis, orators, musicians, lyricist, and much more. And when all of these people come together, it creates a dynamic energy that you’re excited to come to every day. Our Community Manager can speak to this, “Personally, I love when our members make themselves at home. Like, you can tell when they have fully acclimated to coming to CoBiz Richmond: they are making connections, collaborating, have a routine in their work day, and we get to know them on an interpersonal level. That is a victory to me.”

Try Co-working

Finding the right fit for you is essential in stepping into the coworking arena (maybe we’ll do a post on that too). We are not all the same. There are plenty of companies to try out. But if you’re in the East Bay, CoBiz Richmond is the place for you. We’re also very confident that you’ll love us, so we offer a FREE day pass for your 1st visit.

And stay tuned to all of our coworking content as we continue to advocate working closer to home.



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