We Have Some Difficult Days Ahead.

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MLK’s Last Speech — Happy MLK Day

The Difficult Days are here for not only Foundational Black Americans but for this entire country.

The phrase Let’s Build is something I have been saying since 2013 because there is work to be done by all of us, individually and collectively, as human beings for those of us who believe in decency, fairness, justice, opportunity.

The world does not owe any of us anything, but we owe those who came before us respect, as evident through our actions to honor:

1. their sacrifices,

2. their bravery,

3. their spirit,

4. their values.

It is easy to be coward, easy to turn the other cheek when one is not being slapped, easy to say better them than me…but eventually, the injustices will touch you or your family, or your community (i.e. drug problem today). Race is a make-believe concept just as Darwinism (research eugenics and psuedo-science). It has colorized the spirit of human beings; thus, attempting to dehumanize people.

To me, CoBiz is a space where Foundational Black Americans, Latinos, Caucasians, Asian Pacific Islanders, immigrants, young, old, executives, returning citizens, those in need, and those who are fortunate, intersect to do the work, intersect to work on their purpose, intersect to connect.

CoBiz is a space for refuge from the Difficult Days Ahead while also being a place where we can do the work needed to design Better Days Ahead.

On behalf of my staff and I, I thank everyone for choosing CoBiz, for feeling the spirit of the space, for finding value in what we offer, and for supporting us as we navigate the difficult days ahead with you to better days.

We Have Work To Do.

Thank you Dr. Martin Luther King for moving in your purpose and for being unafraid to stand for something that matters.

Thank you to those who supported you, those who challenged you to be better, those who lifted you up when you were down, those who told you they will continue the work when you are no longer here.

We thank all the pioneers on MLK day, those before MLK, those during, and those after. Many we know, many we never heard of, but the spirit to fight lives on, the spirit to build lives on. We can’t stop and never will.


Wesley Alexander

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Final Speech: I’ve Been To The Mountaintop — YouTube



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