A New Year’s Resolution Secret Weapon = CoBiz

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3 min readJan 2, 2023
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Of course with the New Year, we all have resolutions, goals, and intentions to chart a better course for ourselves, for our families, for our wallets, for our enterprises, for our community. However, it is critical that I state this:

“If you want to finish what you are starting, or desire to excel at what you already started, then you need a community of people and resources pouring into you. That is what CoBiz offers.”

See, athletes train together to get better.

Car enthusiasts attend car meets to showcase, learn, and network.

App Developers connect at Meet-ups to grow their network & to help each other.

Makers attend Maker’s events to connect with other like-minds and to be inspired.

People join weight loss support groups to meet their weight loss goals.

Addicts seek support groups to help them overcome their addiction.

Theme…in community with others.

Yet, we choose to work remotely at home in isolation and wonder why we feel isolated, unproductive, disconnected.

Yet, we start our businesses and isolate ourselves away from the people and resources that can give us life when dealing with the everyday challenges of being an entrepreneur.

Yet, we start non-profits on our own without leveraging the experts and resources available to us to prevent us from reinventing the wheel.

For some reason, when it comes to our livelihood, our profession, we believe we are better on our own.

To me, sustainable endeavors require authentic community That is why I strongly encourage each one of you to consider CoBiz as you explore working from home, starting an enterprise, growing an enterprise. Do you have a community of real people who are passionate about their work but also human enough to say hello and ask you how you are doing?

Do you have access to experts to help you navigate your challenges and opportunities?

CoBizian Michael Dunn of Day-Town Builders who routinely expresses the value of CoBiz to his entrepreneurial journey.

As CoBizian Michael Dunn from Day-Town Builders shared with me recently in person:

‘If it wasn’t for CoBiz, my business partner and I would not be where we are at as well as where we are going. Communities need a place like CoBiz.’

Do you have a professional space available to you 24/7 with a variety of meeting spaces and technology to accommodate your work needs? That is what CoBiz has to offer — community, resources, space.

Please tell a friend, join today, book a meeting space, leave a review (Google, Yelp, Facebook, NextDoor), book an event, and help us keep CoBiz around for generations to come. Happy New Year’s to Everyone. Let’s Build.

Wesley Alexander

CEO | CoBiz Richmond, Inc.

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