MLK Day: Become A Leader of Self

  • critically thinking about all things presented to you, no matter the source;
  • defining your values;
  • challenging the things that go against your values;
  • holding yourself accountable;
  • self-reflecting first before highlighting what others are not doing;
  • making sacrifices to achieve your goals; and
  • ultimately, working to be the best person you can be.
  1. over the vessel we are blessed with (i.e. our bodies);
  2. over the seeds we bring into this world (our children);
  3. over the planet we inhabit (Mother Earth).
  1. our own wellness,
  2. our children’s wellness,
  3. our humanity,
  4. our values,
  5. our planet.

In my eyes, we have become sheep and follow shepherds who do not share our values.



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