Introducing CoBiz University (CoBizU)

Yes, it sounds sexy — “Richmond has its first co-working space, or I run a co-working space” but what is the point if people do not authentically know:

  1. what is co-working,
  2. how it can benefit them, or
  3. how does CoBiz uniquely do co-working?

That is why we launched CoBiz University (CoBizU)— to de-mystify:

  • What Co-Working Is, and
  • What Co-Working Looks Like In Real Time.

The need to de-mystify this industry runs especially true in communities where access to co-working or shared workspaces previously were non-existent or limited.

At CoBiz Richmond, Inc., we are proactively changing that narrative, especially for diverse stakeholders in overlooked communities.

We hope you follow the entertaining curriculum over the next few months on IG, FB, and LinkedIN where, I, the Dean of CoBizU, as well as Professor CoBizzy (Christina Kenney) will take you on a wonderful journey about:

  1. What co-working is?
  2. The Culture of CoBiz
  3. How CoBiz Does Co-working
  4. How Co-Working Benefits You and Your Community

The entire campaign is meant to be light-hearted, informative, and more importantly entertaining. If compelled, join the CoBizian community by visiting, or find a co-working space near you that aligns with your needs and values.

Wesley Alexander, CEO | CoBiz Richmond



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