Happy World Values Day!

World Values Day was founded in 2016 and is an annual campaign to increase the awareness and practice of values around the world.

And this year’s theme is reconnecting. The UK Alliance explains,

“We are all living through a time of enormous uncertainty and disruption. This means we need to deepen our understanding of values and how they connect us with our sense of self, with others, and with the wider world. So this World Values Day let’s use our values to reconnect with one another and with what matters most in our lives.”

Here at CoBiz Richmond, community is at the center of how we do business. It is the definition of our name:

  • Co — Community
  • Biz — Business

But the people make up the community and the people conduct business — sometimes it feels that we as a society forget that people come first, not money.

As a result, here at CoBiz, we do our best to lead each day with these human-rooted values: People first, Wellness, Tenacity, Accountability, Collaboration, Innovation.

  1. People first — Relationships are the true engines of wellness — economically and personally; therefore, CoBiz strives to role-model a people-first approach across all our activities.
  2. Wellness — Everything we do promotes wellness of the individual as a person and as a professional to drive better communities and better enterprises.
  3. Tenacity — The people of Richmond who “make it” display a fight, a grittiness, to overcome any and all hurdles, which is why we are tenacious in our drive to transform this area in a manner that benefits people first.
  4. Accountability — Words are nice but actions and results reflect the true purpose and genuineness of our thoughts.
  5. Collaboration — To change current outcomes, we have to innovate our thinking and approaches to role model the culture we want our members and community to embody.
  6. Innovation — We achieve nothing in isolation which is why we created an infrastructure for people to strive together.

We hope our values continue to attract like-minded members, strategic partners, collaborators, volunteers, and people moving in purpose to help create a hub that serves generations to come. On World Values Day, we hope CoBiz facilitates an energy that welcomes people to reconnect to the things that matter — each other and our purpose.

If these values resonate with you, please visit our space, or sign-up for a tour, secure a Free Day Pass, or donate to our mission. Let’s Build.



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