Downtown Richmond & CoBiz Richmond Promotion

Richmond has a lot to offer but unfortunately, the negative perception of Richmond dominates the regional headlines. It does not have to be this way.

These perceptions do not serve the residents, fail the business community, undermine the great work of the various non-profits in this community, and impact tourism.

This promotional video is an attempt to promote not only CoBiz, but what Richmond has to offer, specifically, the Downtown Richmond area.

The promotion of Richmond is critical to supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion because our businesses suffer, our schools lack, our non-profits scramble, our innovations get overlooked, our outcomes are sabotaged.

Wesley Alexander | CEO | CoBiz Richmond, Inc.



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CoBiz Richmond

CoBiz Richmond


A 9,000 square foot ecosystem for professionals of all walks of life to network, collaborate, innovate, and build in a modern, beautiful space.