Community at Work

Although our viewpoints are different, there is synchronicity in the energy we share for our community.
  1. People First — Relationships are the true engines of wellness — economically and personally; therefore, CoBiz strives to role-model a people-first approach across all of our activities.
  2. Wellness — Everything we do promotes wellness of the individual as a human FIRST! And then as a professional to drive better communities and better enterprises.
  3. Tenacity — Our CoBizians display a fight, a grittiness, to overcome any and all hurdles which is why we are tenacious in our drive to empower our people in all of their endeavors.
  4. Accountability — Own up. We as a community cannot advance unless we own every piece of our Be — our inner and outer self. The good and the challenging pieces within us
  5. Collaboration — It is all about the “we”. Nough said.
  6. Innovation — Times are changing fast. Especially how we work. Here at CoBiz, we are intentional in being ahead of the curve in the future of work. But also not forgetting that we are people first.



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CoBiz Richmond

CoBiz Richmond


A 9,000 square foot ecosystem for professionals of all walks of life to network, collaborate, innovate, and build in a modern, beautiful space.